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The Negative Employees You Should Fire


This post discusses the Negative Employees You Should Fire as an employer, if you an employer, a company owner or business owner, you must be familiar with this types of employees who think they are doing you or your company a favor by working for you.

Here we analyze these types of employees you should get rid of the progress and dignity of your company or organization.

Five Negative Employees You Should Fire

The Random Employee: These are the ones who are just trying to get by – doing just enough to earn their keep at your company. These employees barely make deadlines, there’s always an excuse to have work delayed – this is a productivity buzzkill. Employees like this are just in it for the money and nothing more – trying to get by hoping no one would notice and you probably don’t. It’s important to always assess every employee in your organization, top to bottom – they can set OKR’s every quarter, this will help you track and review their overall performance and value. You need to get real value for your money.

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The One Nobody Seems To Like: If you have a certain employee that everyone complains about, then you probably need to take a closer look. The person might seem high performing but how does it reflect on your work culture – unless you can indulge toxicity and negativity then there’s no reason to still have this person around. Where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire – take a closer look at the situation before it burns everything down.

The Master Delegator: Delegating is a good leadership skill, however, some people are masters at getting others to do their work for them. They always have a way of stylishly moving their work to other people, doing the barest minimum. Set measurable goals, and if your negative employee isn’t meeting them, then it’s time to take action.

The one who says, “Oh well, that’s their problem”: Employees like this just can’t take a tiny step outside their job description. The advent of Covid-19 has shown that companies need flexible employees to stay relevant – professionals ready to go the extra mile sometimes to get things done. There should never be a job or situation at work that is someone else’s problem. Even if something crosses someone’s desk that they normally don’t handle, they should always try and take the responsibility to find the right person to handle it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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The “Unhappy” Employee: For most people, money is the motivation to get up every day and get to work but sometimes you just can’t fix what’s broken. If no matter how you try, you still can’t make one of your employees happy – they continue to complain about working conditions even after you provide them with their own office, or constantly complain about certain clients or coworkers–it’s time to show them the door. They just don’t have the drive to put in the needed efforts to help your business flourish.


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