Qatar Scholarship Program 2021 for International Students

Qatar Scholarship Program 2021 for International Students from Developing Countries: Qatar Scholarships is a program spearheaded by Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) in cooperation with several prestigious and leading educational institutions in the State of Qatar.

Qatar Scholarships offers grants in tertiary, language and higher education programs to international students from developing countries interested in studying in Qatar. It is a program driven by Qatar’s vision to advance quality education worldwide and comes in support of the Sustainable Development Goal 4: “Ensuring fair and inclusive education for all and enhancing lifelong learning for all”.

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Qatar Scholarship Program 2021 for International Students from Developing Countries.

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Qatar Scholarship Program 2021 Eligibility

Recipients eligible for Qatar Scholarships (QS) funding must first apply to and have received provisional acceptance into one of our partner academic institutions select programs.

In order to be eligible for a QS scholarship, applicants must be nationals from an Official Development Assistance (ODA) country. A list of ODA countries may be found at the link below:

How to Apply Qatar Scholarship Program 2021 for International Students.

If you are an international student from a developing country interested in pursuing your higher education in Qatar, we encourage you to visit our partner universities websites to learn more about the various opportunities available to prospective undergraduate and post graduate students to pursue their academic choice of studies.

Each partner higher education institution will have a select choice of degrees and courses available to applicants. Each applicant must first be provided a provisional acceptant from partner universities before being considered to receiving a QS award.

NOTE: Applications to QS Scholarships are subject to academic acceptance by partner institutions. 

Applicants must first register and meet the admissions requirements of their chosen educational institution in order to provide an equal opportunity without any interventions.

Applicants apply to receive a scholarship at their academic institutions.

The academic institution nominates academically eligible applicants from OECD countries for QS scholarship funding.

QS selects final list of applicants who are awarded a Qatar Scholarship.

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